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Sep 26, 2012 7:30am EDT
but a state so that reminded me of when -- pre-du-lac reset when ronald reagan called the soviet union the evil empire, that gave hard to the producers. we have the biggest threat i think as iran, if iran gets nuclear weapons, that that needs to be prevented. you have worries about, particularly in syria, the chemical weapons stockpile. you have the attacks on embassies in libya and egypt and elsewhere around the world. this is exactly why it is so dangerous and so wrong to be playing these little games with our armed services. we need to be stored. we need a strong economy to have a strong national defense. but the last thing we ought to be doing is having these devastating cuts to our military readiness, and that's why what has to happen is responsible leadership, stop these devastating cuts, come together, come up with a cut that sets the pride -- the right priorities and make sure the men and women who are protecting our freedom and our elections here of the best armament, best equipment in making sure that we also have a good paying jobs in technology and defense here in virginia,
Oct 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
totally looked 12. i got this. i was in the hotel room with ronald and nancy reagan and i think someone said, shouldn't you be doing your homework? and i have a voice than that i have no more unless, and when i looked very innocent, but i just learned to play that actually. you use what you got, right? and i would invariably show up without a pen, someone had to find me at the end, and i could take my little notes and ask questions. now that doesn't happen. i don't think anybody -- i don't have any sense that i'm treated differently because i'm a woman. >> it does happen. that's the hard thing. it still happens. i cover members of congress on capitol hill who thinks it's okay to put their arm around you when you ask a question. there's certain ways people treat you when you're younger in the business. it's not great i will say. >> a good lesson to people. but the other thing that i think is really interesting, the "newshour" when i do the lion's share of all these interviews, i think it's really important to go back to your question, you don't have to print the things that's not true or
Sep 25, 2012 6:00am EDT
, and that has been consistent, certainly, since fdr perhaps. 1980 was different. ronald reagan was even with president carter. they each got 40%. and congressman anderson, i think, got 20%. and that had been, i mean, those numbers were just historic, that -- and it may or may not have influenced the race. but it did have a sort of post-camp david ethos. and specifically it had to do with yet another u.n. resolution in which the u.n. passed a resolution that, essentially, equated jerusalem as being occupied. and the occupation of that, of jerusalem, that issue and carter, perhaps not strongly preventing that in the way that president obama -- >> not only did he not strongly prevented it, he directed the u.n. not to vote for it. how do i know that? because he called me up. i was coming back from china, and i was on the plane. and the captain comes over, and he says the president would like you to call him before you talk to the press when we land. so i said, okay. so when we land -- [laughter] when we land, i called up this number. the president took the call. and first a little chitchat,
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3